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world of 2020.

This page lists the 50 largest metropolitan areas of the world, listed by population. This is a controversial issue rather difficult to quantify, as unlike national subdivisions, there are no defined borders for such an area. Many of the figures for individual cities are highly controversial, and in some cases numbers which differ by millions are given by different sources. In some countries there are official definitions, but they are not consistent on a global basis, nor even necessarily within countries. In addition, the underlying structure of different metropolitan areas varies: comparing a highly centralised city with an agglomeration of smaller settlements may not be very meaningful. Commuting patterns and other aspects of urban behaviour which underlie the metro area concept differ greatly around the world. Thus, all population figures for specific metro areas should be treated as interpretations rather than hard facts, and rankings and comparisons of metros should be treated with great caution. (~from Wikipedia)

  • Note: The information (and numbering) below is in flux, and information now might vary from other pages.
Rank Country Population Estimate 2020 Area in Km2 Capital Continent languaje(s) Currency Notes
- World 7,675,444,000
1 Greater China 30px 1,403,572,000 Beijing
2 India 1,290,745,000 New Dheli
3 United States 30px Washintong
4 Indonesia Yakarta
5 Brazil Brasilia
6 Pakistan Islamabad
7 Bangladesh
8 Nigeria
9 Rusia 30px
10 Japan
11 Mexico 30px
12 Philippinas
13 Vietnam
14 Great Germany 30px
15 Etyopia
16 Egypt
17 iran
18 Turkey
19 Dem. Rep. of Congo
20 France Paris
21 Thailand
22 United Kingdom London
23 Gran Colombia30px
24 Korea Seoul
25 Union Americana 30px Rosario
29 America Central San Jose
30 Caribe 33,645,000 190,000 Santo Domingo America Central Spanish, French and Haitian Creole

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